About Tom – Experienced Executive Coach for organisational mergers

Experienced Executive Coach for organisational mergers

Tom is an experienced Executive Coach for company challenges including organisational mergers, change and transitions. He has worked with leaders facing the threat of merger, executives in the middle of far-reaching organisational changes, and those who have recently emerged from difficult transitions. Examples can be found at www.linkedin.com/in/tomjleach

Oxford – London Coach

Based near Oxford, he has worked with team leaders and executives in the public sector in Oxford, London and the south and connects via e-coaching with a much wider network in the north. He is an accredited coach with NHS Leadership Academy and NHS England; and a Senior Practitioner Coach-Mentor with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

High Performing Teams

Tom is skilled at working face-to-face with individual team leaders and executives. With significant challenges for leadership around the development of highly performing teams, team coaching can provide a valuable leadership resource.

E-Coach Services

Coach and mentor relationships can be significantly enhanced with remote and virtual technology. E-coaching is not simply a substitute for face-to-face coaching when coach and coachee are working at a distance, geographically. E-coaching can be a key part of a carefully crafted programme of learning which may combine face-to-face with skype, telephone and email contact.

Organisational cultures

Understanding organisational cultures is critical to leadership choice and decision making. Tom brings to his coach-mentor work a wealth of experience from social research and from a range of contacts with the complex teams and systems in the public sector.

Authentic Leadership

The thing Tom most enjoys about coaching is the often unexpected twists and turns in the journey. He is flexible, has excellent listening skills and is quick to grasp complexity. He enjoys getting to know people at different stages in their careers. He helps them discover their inner drivers and the self- confidence to tackle challenges whilst increasing their awareness of their own impact as a leader on others. He helps those in new leadership roles build social capital and discover new resources in their personal and professional networks. He helps them think through what they most want to achieve and what practical steps they can take. Even in difficult circumstances chinks of light can lead to surprising opportunities. In the future he wants to build his coaching and mentoring practice  in a much wider range of organisations.


In his spare time Tom loves the outdoors. He walks every day in the hills near home, sails a dinghy in the muddy creeks and waterways of North Norfolk and claims to have become more expert over the years, at rescuing himself from tricky situations.