Coaching for transition

What are my core values?

What are my dreams and what can I do about them?

What do I want from a career?

What can I learn about myself?

What can I do to tackle my difficulties?

How can I find a better place to use my skills and experience ?

How can I strengthen my confidence?

What is transition coaching & mentoring?

Transition is what many of us are involved in throughout our working lives, as we move from one state, job or situation to another.  As we move, changes take place not just in our circumstances but in ourselves and our ability to respond and take advantage of new opportunities. Sudden and dramatic changes can produce ‘white water’ which may be difficult to navigate. Transition coaching can help people cope with white water situations. It can help pinpoint unexpected opportunities and build resilience. Coaching and mentoring can help people as they establish themselves in a new study programme; as they look for and move into a new role; as they seek promotion to a leadership role; as they cope with the challenges of leadership; and as they turn their attention to the new roles after retirement.


Different ways of working with you

I work with individuals in face-to-face, confidential coaching sessions usually between 60- 90 mins in length over 4, 6, or 12 months. I also work with people who prefer to use skype and telephone and email, or a blend of these different approaches.

I also use the following:

Diagnostics (to get a picture of your current skills or your MBTI preferences)

Telephone and email support

Free introduction to coaching & mentoring with coaching tasters

Group coaching, via telephone and face-to-face



How I work with you through the process of coaching

Each coaching contract is agreed with the client and where appropriate, their financial or organisational sponsor.

Other stages in the process are likely to include:

  • Getting to know you and the experiences you feel positive about
  • Exploring your values and your approach to change
  • Understanding the challenges you face
  • Working out how to meet the challenges and developing a do-able action plan
  • Building your resilience
  • Exploring the options and choices open to you
  • Helping you to follow through, providing support and linking you with appropriate resources