Client testimonials

Deborah had been appointed with twenty or more years in the private sector as the new Director of Nursing & Quality. She struggled with a very unclear role.

Executive coaching testimonial

“I needed to get a grip and I began to work with the chief executive and fellow board members on a strategy for quality. With the help of Tom’s coaching, I began to take a more self-confident, pro-active role with colleagues and with the board of the organisation with which we were due to merge. I developed a comprehensive Quality Road Map for the organisation which provided a clear picture of the contractual position and the gaps which needed to be filled. I had to work very persistently to keep the Road Map in front of the Executive Team and the Governing Body. In spite of a constant need for fire-fighting, which made me feel as though I was on a prolonged white-knuckle ride, I achieved a number of other significant improvements. These included improving relationships with other commissioning organisations; creating reliable and consistent systems to deliver quality; and an important contribution to the quality input in jointly commissioned contracts. After the leadership change, I re-established an effective working relationship with the new chief operating officer.

Coaching helped me maintain my resilience and flexibility as a practical change agent. It helped in developing and implementing a plan in the midst of turbulent changes, and in applying my completer –finisher competences. I have become more effective and direct in my communication, as a result.”

Director of Nursing

Diana was an experienced clinician with overall responsibility as head of her service.

Executive coaching testimonial

“As a result of coaching, I now see the Head of Service role as more strategic than previously, and I have accessed more strategic Trust wide forums. I am very aware of the importance of how I am perceived in my role, and the impression I leave, so I try to find time to prepare myself (in writing too) ahead of some meetings or situations I anticipate could be difficult or challenging.  I have always struggled with the tensions of management work versus doing more clinical work to support the team, but am now more aware of the need to give myself this permission to protect management time, and be more productive with it. I have become more resilient, able to seek informal and formal feedback about myself, and would not have done this without the coaching support.  This has given me some confidence in how I am perceived by others, at the same time as confirming areas I could improve on. I have improved my day-to-day leadership of my service with a practical action plan for continuing this improvement.”

Head of Therapy Service

Dr Grey saw herself as a leader and a visionary both within her own organisation and on the board of the commissioning organisation of which she had recently been appointed chair.

Executive coaching testimonial

“Before working with Tom I was facing the challenge of having to take on a new role with lack of clarity over priorities and I was feeling somewhat out of my depth. Through working together I have managed to get a clearer perspective of how best to use my talents and my time and how to prioritise the workload and to get the best out of the people around me.  I am feeling more content in the role and feel that I am making progress in the challenges I am facing. Colleagues have commented that I am more at ease and they can see the impact I am having.  I feel that there have been benefits which include clarity of purpose, time management and improved prioritisation of the workload, for others in the team and the organisation as a whole.”

Chair of the Board